How Does the Haiti Quake Compare to Others?
20th February 2010 Earthquakes, Haiti Earthquake 2010, Hazards, Tectonics
China's soil deterioration may become growing food crisis

China faces struggle to feed population as pollution and urbanisation threaten supply, says government expert

24th February 2010 Food security, Soil Degredation
Huge Earthquake in Chile

A massive earthquake has hit central Chile and killed at least 122 people, though the toll is expected to rise.
The 8.8 quake caused widespread damage, destroying buildings, bridges and roads in many areas, including the capital where a chemical plant caught fire.
President Michelle Bachelet declared a "state of catastrophe" in affected areas and appealed for calm.
A tsumami set off by the quake has triggered warnings in Pacific countries from Japan to New Zealand.

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27th February 2010 Chile earthquake 2010, Earthquake, Hazards, Tectonics, Tsunami